photo by: Katie Bonnici

photo by: Katie Bonnici


Rachel Facchini is a dance artist based in Toronto, Canada.

She is one of the co-founders and co-artistic directors of Near&Far Projects alongside her colleague, Tavia Christina. 

She makes dance which attempts to sort through her epistemological curiosities and further understand her metaphysical questions about the world. 

Rachel uses durational improvisation and reflective writing prompts as a method of research. Her methodology includes asking a broad, unspecific philosophical question and focusing in on responses. Rachel’s work derives from a highly cognitive state of academia, drawing a parallel between the mind and body in physical and experimental movement. Her work transposes the processes of the mind into the work of the body. She aims to blend theory and movement in a way that brings awareness to the presentation of ideas. 

Rachel is passionate about dance that acts as a vehicle for social awareness and change. She believes that the arts, including dance, have the power and ability to change a person’s perception or understanding. Rachel creates dance for that reason: to bring awareness, to understand and to respond to her questions and curiosities in and about the world.  

Check out my podcast episode on Brianna Clarke’s (art)versations where I discuss my solo project, me, mine, more… and its development! Click the link to watch and listen here!

educational experiences:


  • Margie Gillis - Workshop at Ryerson University

  • Les Ballets Jazz Montreal - taught by Kennedy Kraeling

  • GAGA classes with Ella Rothschild, Laura Toma, Olivia Tarrish Ancona, and Candace Scarborough

choreographic projects:

  • Cawthra Park Secondary School (2018)

  • Movement Film in collaboration with filmmaker, Venus Nazar (2017)

  • Seneca College (2017)

  • Humber College (2017)

  • A Timely Paradox (presented by NEAR&FAR Projects) (2017)

  • New Blue Festival of Emerging Artists (2016, 2017 & 2018)

  • Long Winter Toronto (2016, 2018)

  • Night Swim (curated by Alvin Collantes and Mary-Dora Bloch Hansen) (2016)

  • Youth Sounds (2015)

  • Ryerson's Choreographic Works (2018)


  • Lake Studios Berlin (Berlin, Germany 2018) - work-in-progress showing of me, mine, more... at Unfinished Fridays

  • Dancemakers’ Holiday Plug’n’Play Residency (Toronto, Ontario 2019) - developing me, mine, more…

performance experiences:

  • URGE - Hanna Kiel

  • III (work-in-progress showing in Berlin, DE) - Teoma J. Naccarato (July 2018)

  • Soft Firm Hand - Valerie Calam (November 2017)

  • Crepuscule - Marie-Jose Chartier - Dance: Made in Canada Festival (August 2017)

  • Othering - Alysa Pires (March 2017)

  • Human First Dance Company - Artistic Director: Jessica Ford

  • MIZPAH - Christina Digiuseppe (November 2016)


  • Danceworks (2012-present)

  • The It Factor (2017)

  • York Humber High School *teaching students with various learning disabilities (2017)

  • Gonzaga Secondary School (2016)

  • Artist's Play (2016)